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Charter Bank: An Anchor in Bellevue’s Progress

Financial institutions are often the cornerstones of their communities, providing vital resources that fuel growth and prosperity. This is the story of Charter Bank, a revered entity that played a significant role in Bellevue, Washington from 1998 to 2011.

A Trusted Debut in Bellevue: Charter Bank (1998)

Charter Bank first opened its doors at 10885 N.E. 4th Street, Suite 100, with the unwavering intention to cater to Bellevue’s financial needs. The bank quickly became a trusted neighbor, fostering growth and instilling confidence in a rapidly evolving city.

A Stalwart through Bellevue’s Growth: Charter Bank (1998-2011)

During its operational years, Charter Bank stood strong alongside the community as Bellevue underwent significant transformations. It helped businesses scale and families prosper, establishing itself as a key player in Bellevue’s progress.

The Evolution: Merger with Boston Private Bank & Trust Company (2011)

Change is a constant in any growing city, and Bellevue was no exception. In 2011, Charter Bank merged with Boston Private Bank & Trust Company, marking the end of an era but ensuring the continuation of community-oriented banking service.

Keeping Charter Bank’s Legacy Alive

Despite Charter Bank’s physical absence, the echoes of its contributions to Bellevue remain. Its commitment to the community set a commendable standard for the banking sector and created a legacy that continues to inspire today.

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Charter Bank
10885 N.E. 4th Street, Suite 100
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